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 How it goes.

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PostSubject: How it goes.   Thu Dec 11, 2008 6:13 pm

This is where I will tell you rules and where to post your suggestion for the awards! It works the same as it does over at the TA. I make a new thread for the Award Suggestions and will leave it open for a few weeks, then lock it once I decide which ones to keep and get rid of. I will go back and edit my post at the beginning of that thread and tell you which awards have been chosen.
I will give you the remaining time of that month to pm me, (beej) your nominations. The actual awards will be in a new thread under the category Current Awards. You may then comment them and I will lock it and start on next months awards.
Any questions? Comments? Snide remarks? Get it? Got it? Good. Very Happy



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How it goes.
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