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 Lesson 1 - Quesion words

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PostSubject: Lesson 1 - Quesion words   Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:10 pm

Lesson 1 - Quesion words and numbers

I though we should start with some of the most important words that any traveler to a spanish country will need.
Where, When, Who, How, What and How Much. These are vital if you want to find your hotel, when you flight is or who the hot guy is looking at you from across the club.

Where - Dónde

When - Cuando

Who - Quién

How - Cómo

What - Qué

Why - Por qué (note on Por qué - the word that usually answers this question is "becuase" which is also "porque" which is pronounced almost the same dont get confused)

Match the pairs

What ( ) 1. Comó

How ( ) 2. Dondé

When ( ) 3. Qué

Why ( ) 4. Cuando

Who ( ) 5. Por qué

Where ( ) 6. Quién

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate Spanish word.

1. Maria left with _______?
2. _______ is my flight is coming?
3. Do you know _______ I can't see Superbad on my Tv?
4. _________ are you doing in my room?
5. _________ have you been?
6. I dont know ________ I am, I think I'm lost.
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Lesson 1 - Quesion words
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