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 Roomates List [Update: 10/05/2008]

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Alice Cullen
Alice House
Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Roomates List [Update: 10/05/2008]   Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:39 am

*UPDATE 10/05/2008*

Room 1: Mace Way (Mace) and Alu Rathbone (Aluna)
Room 2: Dasha Cavill (Dasha) and Alice Cullen (Alice)

*UPDATE 10/15/2008*

Room 3: NewBornVamp (Maty) and SexycanI (Larissa)
Room 4: BreeLovesYou (Bree) and alice-in-wonderlandness (Alice)
Room 5: Gomenasai (Ellie) and Twilight<3 (Evey)
Room 6: The_Time_Is_Now (Moodz) and The_Cullens_Kick_Ass (Mindy)

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Roomates List [Update: 10/05/2008]
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